A Playlist: Transitioning from Black History Month to Women's History Month

Today the U.S. transitions from Black History Month to Women's History Month. It seemed only logical to me that a good way to go from one month to the next was through song. After all, there are many great Black female artists, many of whom aren't celebrated nearly as much as they should be.

The songs on the playlist were chosen to inspire. I wanted to stay away from songs about romantic relationships, violence, and songs that contained cussing or strong male vocals. I think, as women, we sometimes value the opinion of our partners more than we value our own ideas and feelings. I don't think songs need to have cussing to make a point. I also don't think we need to dwell on how many times someone cheated us or did us wrong. I think we need songs that are about getting over those hurts, staying strong, and recognizing our own worth, songs that remind us of what it means to be a woman, a sister, a friend to ourselves and to others.

This list is just a fraction of the songs I could have put on here. (Mind you, Spotify doesn't have access to everything.) There are 31 songs on this playlist: one for each day in March. Click the playlist title or picture below to listen. Enjoy!

Empow-Her-ment: Transition

#music #BlackHistoryMonth #WomensHistoryMonth #playlist #empowerment

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