Ghost Town: A Short Film

This was a film I did for an "Art as Activism" class at NEIU. I shot and edited the film by myself with an iPhone, digital camera and iMovie. The quality isn't the greatest, but the message is important. Tyler Fabeck, who attended my alma mater, Columbia College Chicago, would have been 33 years old this week. His brother replaced Tyler's Ghost Bike shortly after this film was completed and it went missing months later. Every time I pass the intersection of Logan Blvd. and Western Ave. I think of him. He was a friend of friends. I barely knew him, but he was a person with a bright future in front of him and his loss was felt by the Columbia community. This film is a sort of tribute to him and to all whose bikes stand empty on the streets of Chicago. May their memories live on and may we all strive to be safer on the roads.

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